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Cloud Avenue is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) public cloud offer marketed by Orange Business Services. A synthetic and commercial presentation is available on the institutional website at this address: https://cloud.orange-business.com/offres/infrastructure-iaas/cloud-avenue/

Technical presentation

Cloud Avenue relies on 2 different technical platforms:

  • New Urba Platform (aka NUP), historic Flexible Computing Advanced platform
  • Next Generation Platform (aka NGP), brand new platform commissioned in March 2022.

Cloud Avenue technical platforms are based on vmware vCloud Director software. It provides a multi-tenant environment allowing the hosting of multiple use cases, while ensuring very high level security and availability. With vCloud Director, Customer can, among other things:

  • choose the characteristics of its VMs, without being "prisoner" of a predefined template
  • deploy all the applications on the market, the vast majority being officially supported by the publisher on vmware
  • hot, change the amount of vCPU and RAM of a VM, add or extend a disk
  • manage advanced NSX functions: Firewall, NAT, Load Balancer, IPSEC Tunnels, dynamic routing (OSPF, BGP), ...
  • automate deployments using APIs
  • backup and restore VMs
  • replicate VMs between two Datacenters.


vCloud Director provides the hardware abstraction layer for provisioning resources to each Tenant or vOrganization, in vmware terminology.

For an organization, there is at least one administrator, who can log into the vCloud Director portal to administer the infrastructure.

Access to the portal is either via the Internet or via Orange's MPLS network, BVPN Galerie.

Architecture FCA 1.png

From public cloud to private cloud

Computing power is available in different formulas, from shared to totally private, with or without the vmware layer.



Cloud Avenue is hosted exclusively in France, on two Datacenters belonging to Orange, located in Val de Reuil and Rueil-Malmaison.

Hosting in France.png

A third Datacenter is currently in deployment in Chartres.

For what use?

With nearly 15,000 VMs in operation, the use cases observed are as diverse as they are complementary.

FCA use cases 2.png

Basic principle

Unlike traditional Public Cloud offers (VM subscription according to predefined templates), Cloud Avenue provides Virtual Datacenters which materialize resources (computing, storage and network capacity) with which it is possible to create VMs sized according to the needs of each application.

NGP - NSX configuration - 8.png


An online quoter is available, making it possible to evaluate the monthly cost of a solution hosted on Cloud Avenue's NUP platform.


The complete pricelist can be downloaded at this address.