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Technical support

I need to report an incident, how do I do that?

First of all, you have to open an incident ticket. To do this, log in to your Cloud Customer Space, go to the support tab, and then you have two solutions:

  • call the support number indicated in the downloadable file.
  • go to the incident ticket management tool (preferred solution).

If you have subscribed to additional support (Bronze, Silver or Gold), after declaring your incident to the support (ticket created), you can contact the Cloud Expert team via the information provided to you during signing the contract.

À noter !
In any case, it is imperative to report the incident and that a ticket be created, otherwise the countdown linked to the SLAs (GTD, GTI and GTR) cannot start.

I need to make a change request, where do I go?

Go to the Cloud Customer Space, and use the Requests option from the main menu.

CCS welcome page.png

Then use the Create a request button.

For more details, consult the online help of the customer area.

My credentials

I have lost my credentials. Who can help me?

On the Cloud Customer Space login page, click on Forgot your login? to launch the workflow that will help you to recover your login.

CCS - forget login.png

If the problem is the password forgotten, go to the Cloud Customer Space login page, enter your login, then click on Forgot password? and follow the recovery process.

CCS - forget password.png

You will find help on the Cloud Customer Space at this address.

As a last resort, contact OCB Sales Administration, who can reset your account; you will receive a new "Welcome Mail" which will allow you to access the Cloud Store

I cannot log in to the Cloud Customer Space although my username and password are correct. Who can help me?

First, make sure you have already tried following the instructions in the previous paragraph. Without success, contact the OCB Sales Administration, who will reset your account, you will receive a new "Welcome Email" which will allow you to access your Cloud Customer Space.

The technical contact with us has changed. How do I log into the Cloud Store?

In the event of a change of technical contact or referent account, please send an email to the OCB Sales Administration, specifying if possible the identifier of the OCB000XXX service corresponding to your contract. This identifier is displayed on your invoice. The modification will be made and the new technical contact will receive the login information.

My invoice

I don't understand my bill. Who can explain it to me?

If you do not understand your bill, please send an email to OCB Sales Administration

I received two bills for the same period. Who do I speak to?

In case of double invoicing, please contact the ADV OCB by sending an email to OCB Sales Administration

I would like to have my invoices on the cloud Store. Who do I speak to?

Your bills already appear in the Cloud Store for Cloud Avenue. Just log in to your customer area and go to the Bills menu from the main menu.

CCS - View bills.png

Cloud Customer Space

I'm a brand new customer, I received my welcome email, what should I do next?

If you have subscribed to a support option, you can contact Cloud Expert who will give you a guided tour of the offer and its possibilities.

When creating your account, in order to deploy VMs, you will need to create:

  • at least one virtual datacenter
  • a public IP address (if you need to access the internet)

If you have ordered a BVPN Galerie connection to your organization, you will need to ask support (via a ticket) to connect your organization to your BVPN. To take into account in the planning of your project: the order of the BVPN connection can take up to 4 weeks, while the organization will be provided to you within 48 hours after receipt of the order.

How can I find out what internet bandwidth I have available for my organization?

Go to the Customer Area, Catalog menu.

CCS - Manage internet bandwidth.png

Use the Manage the organization's internet access tile. You will find step-by-step help here.

I received an email from abuse-desk@orange.com, what does this mean?

A public IP you are using has been detected as a SPAM sender. Carefully follow the instructions mentioned in the email you received to unblock the situation.

We tell you more in this practical sheet here.

I need to create a new organization, how do I do this?

There are several possible cases:

  1. You are already a Could Avenue Partner Customer: contact your usual Partner contact to create the new organization for you.
  2. You are a Cloud Avenue Partner and/or Reseller: Go to the Cloud Customer Space to create organizations for your own Customers.
  3. You are a Cloud Avenue Direct Customer: contact your usual sales contact with whom you will fill out an order form for the creation of a new organization.

What is a Partner Account?

In order for existing users in the cloud store to be able to access a new organization (a new tenant), the manager user of the new organization must explicitly grant them access. If you have several organizations and wish to be able to create more, managing these organizations will be made easier for you by obtaining a "partner" login on the Cloud Customer Space.

How to get a Partner account?

  • Make a request to your usual sales contact, you will give him your surname, first name, email address, telephone number, creation option yes/no
  • If you asked "option creation = yes", this new login will allow you to create new organizations. Their consumption will be billed to you as for other organisations.
  • You will receive a new login (firstname.lastname.company) which accesses the cloud store in read-only mode, without access to the technical consoles.
  • This login automatically accesses all your contracts on the cloud store, even those created recently by you or by others.